NetBeans Certified Training: MatFyz, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

From 29 to 30 May, 2008, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics . The main organizer was Petr Hnětynka. Jaroslav Tulach and David Šimonek gave presentations and demo shows. Course is part of summer semester and as such participants get not only NetBeans certification, but also one credit, as explained on the course page.

Course Report

  • Agenda

    We (presenters) decided to move Window System presentation to the first day and leave tough presentation about Lookup to second day. Our decision proved to be mostly good, with the only exception some pieces of presentations touched usage of Lookup, which was not introduced at that time yet. Solution seems to be to divide Lookup presentation in two parts - "Introduction to Lookup usage" on first day and "Lookup and injections in module system" on day two.

  • Code everywhere

    Training was held during student's exams month, so group of participats was relatively small. While it's a shame for sure, it allowed us to enhance demo part, make it code intensive and let participants develop demos with us. Live exercises developed both by trainers and participants raised efficiency of knowledge sharing and moreover, it was pure fun. Under our guidance, participants were able to port Swing sample application "Anagram Game" into Netbeans window system, create Nodes to show word libraries into Services tab, create new file type (DataObject) to represent word libraries in Node views like explorer and finally decouple word library API and its implementation(s) by using NetBeans Lookup and Module system. All code developed during exercises should be available at course page.

  • Exercises, not demos

    We recommend other trainers to follow our experience and turn demos into exercises that are being coded live by trainer, with participants following on their machines. Such technique works especially well for smaller group of participants. We feel it's more useful for both sides of the show, more lively, more fun.

  • ...And the memory remains

    The course was very nice and memorable for presenters as well as for students. For presenters, it was a possibility to recall their bright student's ages, as both Jaroslav and David studied at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Task for participants

Look at list of available excercises and extend it with your favorite one!

Training Content

Training is based on NetBeans Platform Certified Training. Some sessions include small exercises for participants to test presented content in practice.

Required Setup

All participants should have

  • Connection to the internet
  • Netbeans 6.5 installed, Java SE version.

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