NetBeans Certified Training: Linz, Austria

From 9 to 10 November, 2007, the Johannes Kepler Universitat Linz was the first to be introduced to the NetBeans Certified Engineering course. Over the two days, the full program was followed.

Here is a photo of the whole group, with the two trainers, Jaroslav Tulach and Geertjan Wielenga:

The course ended with the following assignments and suggestions:

Towards the end of January, the following students handed in the assignments outlined below:

1. Font Editor for a Mobile (iAudio/cowon) MP3-player

Author: Johannes StraƟmayer

Sources: here

Description: I created a font editor for a mobile (iAudio/Cowon D2) MP3-player, based on the NetBeans Platform. With it, you can edit the player's font-characters pixelwise. You also get a preview of all important edited characters (ascii, special chars and japanese chars (hiragana/katakana)) in the actual file. To apply the file to your D2-Player, you just copy the font file to the player's root filesystem directory.

Splash screen:

(Click here for a font file that you can use for testing the font editor above.)

2. Visualizer for Ant scripts

Authors: Simon Opelt and Philipp Aumayr

Sources: here

Description: In this project we implemented a module which integrates with Netbeans IDE. Whenever you select an Ant build-file in the project- or file-view, an additional visualization is provided in the Navigator for Ant tasks and their dependencies. For the visualization we used the NetBeans Visual Library. Additionally, the same component can be displayed in a TopComponent by selecting "Show AntVis" in the contextual menu. We also internationalized the bundle and provided a German translation. The color preferences are stored in the NetBeans Preferences but we were unsure how to correctly integrate a configuration frontend. The view can be modified by the contextual menu when right-clicking a node in the graph or by using the buttons in the toolbar.

3. Editor for Prolog and Schliemann Tutorial

Author: Rosa Gutierrez

Sources: here

Description: Schliemann tutorial for the NetBeans Platform. In the begining I tried to add Haskell support to the NetBeans editor, using Schliemann. After lots of fruitless work and problems, due to the complexity of Haskell (the layout) and the lack of documentation about Schliemann, I decided to change to a simpler programming language (Prolog) but also to write a tutorial on Schliemann at the same time. Thus my tutorial is based on the Prolog editor and I hope it makes things easier for those who may want to add functionality to NetBeans for some language.

4. Panorama Utility

Author: Christian Wressnegger

Demo: JNLP demo available

Sources: here

Info: This project is a little panorama utility. The method behind was part of the final exercise of Christian's geometry course last term. You can add markers to the image by clicking on it. There have to be pairs of markers, at least four. Try the JNLP version or download the sources.

5. Download Manager

Author: Uran Ilazi

Sources: here

6. Tetris

Author: Matthias Steinbauer

Sources: here

7. Login Tutorial

Author: Christof Holl & Sabine Weiss

Info: Login tutorial for the NetBeans Platform.

8. LaTeX Editor

Author: Dieter Hackl & Elisabeth Linsmayr

Sources: here

9. Image Viewer

Author: Tibor Herman

10. Spell Checker for HTML and XML Files

Authors: Roland Poppenreiter and Stefan Riha

Description: We are both Masters students at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. We started Java programming five years ago and came in touch with NetBeans two/three years ago for the first time. Last semester we attended a lecture held by Jaroslav Tulach and Geertjan Wielenga, two guys who know netbeans from the beginning, and so it happend that we started writing code for the NetBeans platform. For us it was very interesting to learn how the NetBeans plugin concept works and how we can use the NetBeans platform components to build our own new applications. We did our best to help the NetBeans project with our implementation of the new XML/HTML language binding for the spellchecker plugin written by Jan Lahoda.

11. Mango Shoot

Authors: Endre Szasz-Revai and Kinga Szabo

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