Interview: Frans Thamura, JENI Advisory Board, the Implementor of JEDI in Indonesia

Frans Thamura is a Java Champion from Indonesia, as well as being the founder of the Indonesian Java User Group. On top of that, he's an Oracle Ace Director and the JEDI Indonesia representative!

What are some of the things you do on a day to day basis?

I do anything around Java! I've become a Java evangelist and an advisor for the Java program from vocational high schools to polytechnic level. I am a Java technopreneur and I own a non-profit organization to empower the Indonesian developer base in connection to Java.

OK. Now tell us, what is JENI?

JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia) is an Indonesian ministery of education program to create a standard Java skill set based on a certification program. It includes a center of development and a research center, which is the first JENI R&D founded by Sun Indonesia.

What's your involvement with it?

I am the advisor, the guy that brings the JEDI material to the JENI team, the guy that designs several programming stacks for JENI. I lead the JENI committee and I also own the JENI academy, Meruvian ( located in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

What kind of course material is available?

Go here:

...and you will find these downloads:

There you can get the PDF material for students. The JEDI model is such that if you want the related slides, you must request them. We have a mailing list for instructors and also for the broader community:

jeni-diknas AT yahoogroups DOT com

Anyone can subscribe and join it.

Have you contributed some of the course materials yourself?

I contribute JENI 5, the framework integration and an extension of the JEDI framework material. I also contribute the kernel for the examination for JENI certification. We own a full stack Java program, from materials to lecturers, teachers, a university network, a high school network, and certification:


  • JENI 1 = JEDI OOP = Object Oriented:

  • JENI 2 = Java Mobile Basic - LCDUI:

  • JENI 3 = Java Framework and Database, JSF and Struts1, and JDBC:

  • JENI 4 = Game Mobile Programming (JavaME):

  • JENI 5 = Java Integration Framework, EclipseLink, Spring, Struts2, BlueOxygen Cimande:

  • JENI 6 = Game Desktop (JavaSE) soon will become JavaFX:

  • JENI 7 = Project Integration between Java and the others to create a real product:

Where do you use the materials?

We use these materials in the industry, not only in the education market. The material was first launched for polytechnics. Then it moved to undergraduate computer science courses and now even vocational high schools use it. Around 63 universities out of 800 have joined the JENI project, so that's still a relatively small number. In total, we probably have about 15.000 students learning Java in Indonesia.

So, on top of that, the material is now used in industries, such as in manufacturing, which is my personal focus, as well as several distribution companies too. Several are used by development departments in IT companies

Conveniently, the lecturers do not need to write the complete Java OOP material, thanks to the JEDI team that worked very hard to make their very comprehensive material available to us.

Any final thoughts to share?

We need more promotion to make all lecturers realize that teaching OOP in this country is important. We need to standarize the materials, which thanks to JENI and JEDI is the best in the world! Seriously, mostly our Java programmers become leaders and head architects in the region, including in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Japan. So, we produce good results. Maybe your car was architected by one of our moderators. He works at Fujitsu as a Toyota and Honda SCM solution leader!

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