Interview: Andrei Dmitriev, Java SE Instructor

Andrei Dmitriev is a a software engineer from St. Petersburg, Russia. He's been focusing on graphical user interface design for the past few years. Part time, he teaches students at the State University, since about 1999. He's been trying to cover different aspects of the modern IT industry. He finds it particularly rewarding to see students benefit from his courses when they apply for their first job.

What are some typical problems your students need to deal with?

Oh, they have to learn a lot of technologies in a single term so, first of all, it's easy to get confused with one more new programming languages and the related JDK tools.

Does NetBeans help them somehow?

Yes, it gives them a good chance to become quickly involved with development "in just a few clicks". In general, using this IDE is rather natural for students.

You have created a set of Java presentations in Russian. Can you tell us about their background? How do you use them?

I started to develop them several years ago as a part of my Java course. The number of presentations has been growing with every passing year. Then, one student asked me if I have some materials "about the IDE we use in class". So I decided to cover some aspects of working in NetBeans.

Every year I review them and make them up-to-date. Now, I'm starting to think about asking for a help because I have not enough time to do it alone!

Can anyone use them or do they have to do something special? Do they need to get your permission?

It's OK to use them freely but with respect to copyright.

Would you like feedback from people who use them? What kind of feedback?

I strongly believe that the most valuable feedback is negative, however I'm happy to accept positive too. :-)

What's the future of these slides? Are you planning to add to them or expand them?

You know, there are a lot of other slides that were not ready to be included into this repository and I'm going to complete them, as well as others that include a patterns overview. Well, there are a number of other popular Java topics like XML, JDBC, etc, which I'm going to cover. Finally, the open Source community and open Source development interest me and are part of my areas of responsibility now. Believe me, I have something to tell about these to my students too!

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