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Welcome to the home of the NetBeans Education Community (NEC). The main goal of the NEC is to bring together people teaching software-related courses, at educational institutions of any kind (schools, colleges, universities, etc), and using NetBeans IDE to do so.

The specific aims of this community are as follows:

  • to create and share open source learning materials based on NetBeans IDE
  • to provide enhanced learning experiences by developing NetBeans plugins specialized for teaching
  • to get the academic community more closely involved in the NetBeans community

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The NetBeans for Java SE installer is perfect for introductory Java classes. It comes in at a slim set of megabytes and only contains the basics needed to get started learning Java SE and JavaFX and Swing GUI programming. For classes on web applications and Java EE programming, get the full NetBeans IDE for Java installer, with bundled Tomcat and Glassfish servers.

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NetBeans in Education: News

2014/09/18: Join the NetBeans Teachers Google+ Group
2014/09/04: NSF Fund Awarded to Blind Programming Environment on NetBeans IDE
2014/09/01: Bilal Kathrada: Why NetBeans IDE is Great for Teaching Java
2014/08/26: Thomas Stuetz: Why NetBeans IDE is Great for Teaching Java
2014/08/18: Universal Maven for Teaching Java Desktop Applications
2014/08/05: Leon LaSpina: Why NetBeans IDE is Great for Teaching Java
2014/05/24: Milen Petrov: Why NetBeans IDE is Great for Teaching Java
2014/04/28: Ken Fogel: Getting Started with NetBeans in the Classroom
2014/04/18: New Slides: Debugging with NetBeans IDE
2014/02/09: Announcement: NetBeans Course in April in Leipzig, Germany
2014/01/27: Johannes Weigend: Teaching with NetBeans
2013/12/20: Tushar Joshi: Teaching with NetBeans
2013/12/18: Pieter van den Hombergh: Teaching with NetBeans
2013/12/15: Michiel Noback: Teaching with NetBeans
2013/12/09: Zoran Sevarac: Teaching with NetBeans
2013/08/03: Dead Code Detection with NetBeans IDE
2013/07/07: Key Binding & Code Template Viewer
2013/06/10: Tips for Teachers in NetBeans IDE
2013/05/27: Another NetBeans Training at the University of Belgrade, Serbia
2013/04/01: University of Wurzburg on NetBeans
2012/09/21: Tinkerforge/NetBeans Integration Course (Part 2)
2012/08/28: Free NetBeans Platform Certification Training in Goettingen, Germany
2012/08/23: Tinkerforge/NetBeans Integration Course (Part 1)
2012/06/15: Belgrade University on the NetBeans Platform Again
2012/03/25: Bielefeld University on the NetBeans Platform Again
2012/03/02: Interview: Joel Murach, Author of "Murach's Java Programming"
2012/01/06: Vrijeuniversiteit Amsterdam on NetBeans
2011/09/12: Hanze University Groningen on NetBeans
2011/06/06: University of Sheffield-Hallam on NetBeans
2011/05/31: University of Glasgow on NetBeans
2011/02/24: Fachhochschule Osnabruck on NetBeans
2010/10/18: Bielefeld University on NetBeans
2010/06/27: NetBeans E-commerce Tutorial
2010/05/24: How to Take NetBeans Platform Trainings in South Africa
2010/05/20: Attempts to Apply Communicative Language Teaching to Teaching Programming
2010/05/19: TU Braunschweig on the NetBeans Platform
2010/04/19: Communicative Language Teaching Applied to Teaching Programming
2010/04/12: Bergen & iBatis on the NetBeans Platform
2010/03/15: NetBeans Training at Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Belgrade
2010/03/11: Bioinformatikzentrum Weihenstephan on the NetBeans Platform
2010/01/23: Upcoming NetBeans Platform trainings
2010/01/19: Movie: One Thing from Poznan
2010/01/17: Panorama View of Poznan NetBeans Platform Training
2010/01/04: Free NetBeans Platform Certified Training on
2009/12/10: Southern Illinois University on the NetBeans Platform!
2009/12/10: Top Java Developers Offer Advice to Students
2009/12/08: Swiss JUG and What We Forgot to Mention
2009/11/28: Java EE 6 Platform on
2009/11/21: Movie: One Thing from Devoxx 2009
2009/11/12: JavaFX SDK on
2009/11/12: JavaFX in Action on
2009/10/21: Want to Help Translate/Publish the Next NetBeans Platform Book?
2009/09/21: Free Introductory Materials for the NetBeans Platform
2009/05/19: Graduate Student Projects on the NetBeans Platform
2009/??/??: Interview: Frans Thamura (JENI Advisory Board, JEDI Indonesia)
2009/??/??: Interview: Rom Feria, Project Leader of JEDI Program
2008/??/??: Getting Started with the NetBeans BlueJ Plugin

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